Celebrities with Crohn’s Disease

Al Geiberger, professional golfer
Alfred the Great
Allister Carter (Ali Carter), a snooker player
Anastacia, singer
Beth Orton, an English singer-songwriter
Carrie Grant, a British celebrity vocal coach
Chris Conley, lead singer and guitarist of the band Saves The Day
Claire Chitham, a New Zealand actress
Dan O’Bannon, American screenwriter (Alien, Total Recall)
Daryl Palumbo, the lead singer for the bands Glassjaw and Head Automatica
David Garrard, American football player
Derrick Jensen, American author and environmental activist
Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th President of the United States
Dynamo, an English magician
Fernando Pisani, Edmonton Oiler Forward
George Steele, an American professional wrestler
Jeremy Mansfield, a South African radio host
Jerry Sadowitz, a Scottish comedian
John York, Mac Scorpio on General Hospital
Juliet Anderson, American pornographic actress
Ken Stott, Scottish actor
Kevin Dineen, former NHL Right Wing
Lew DeWitt, an American country music singer and composer
Mark Millar, a Scottish comic book writer, best known for the Marvel Comics series The Ultimates and Civil War
Marvin Bush, First Brother
Mary Ann Mobley, former Miss America (1959)
Mieczysław Weinberg, a Polish Jewish composer
Mike McCready, Lead Guitarist for Pearl Jam
Nicky Hopkins, Pianist
Peter Neilsen, former Mr. USA
Rolf Benirschke, former place-kicker, San Diego Chargers
Shannen Doherty, American actress
Shayne Corson, Left Wing, Dallas Stars
Theoren Fleury, professional ice hockey player
Thomas Menino, the current mayor of Boston, Massachusetts
Ex-Ill. Gov. Ryan

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